The Caryatid Candle


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The Caryatid Candle
The Caryatid Candle

The Caryatid sculpture candle is handmade in Melbourne, Australia using a soy wax blend and premium fragrance oils. 

Sculpture specifications: 11.5cm x 7cm x 15cm (L x W x H)

Candle colour: Ivory

Scent description:

Citrus & Sage: This earthy delight embraces fresh citrus, combined with fragrant sage, lavender and eucalyptus. Base notes include juniper berry, geranium, grapefruit and pine needle.


Candle Safety - This candle should be used for decorative purposes only. If you wish to burn your candle, it will need to be placed on a deep dish to avoid wax coming in contact with your furniture. Due to its thin and intricate structure, this candle has a limited burn time and may lose its shape quickly.

Each piece is unique as it is coloured, scented and hand poured individually. Because of this, and the nature of the natural soy wax, imperfections and variations occur between each candle. Frosting is a natural effect of using soy wax and occurs in all vegetable waxes. All soy waxes frost, and this is a sign that the candle is made with natural soy wax. Frosting does not, in any way, impact the performance of your candle; it just gives it even more of a unique character!

As our candles do not have any additives, please keep them in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight and light sources may cause discolouration of the candles.

*Not available for wholesale orders.

The Caryatid Candle
The Caryatid Candle

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